Bhima defeated by Karna and others badly

Defeats Of Bhima By Karna...

NOTE :- Bhima was give a boon by Vasuki that he'll have strength of " 1000 elephants"

Some frustrated haters always start to cry on basis of bhima who was no match for Karna.
Karna defeated Bhima 5 times
Ashwatthama defeated Bhima once
Duryodhana defeated Bhima 2 times. 
Jyadratha defeated Bhima once
Alayudh defeated him once
Vrishasen (Karna's son) defeated him once
Bhagdatta defeated him once
Bhima even  ran away from ordinary elephant LOL


a) During 11-14 day of war, Karna was under effect of illusionary power of Krishna..

                          READ IT HERE

b) Karna already promised to Kunti to spare life of all p[andavas except Arjuna. That's why he never made any powerful or celestial attack on Bhima. He never intended to take his life, which he could have done very easily. He only acts as protector of Duryodhana from Bhima.





》》 1st Defeat of Bhima by Karna


Approaching that multitude of elephants and getting into the midst of that fastness which was inaccessible to a car, the son of Pandu, desirous of saving his life, refrained from striking the son of Radha. Desirous of shelter, that subjugator of hostile cities viz., the son of Pritha, uplifting an elephant that had been slain by Dhananjaya with his shafts, waited there, like Hanumat uplifting the peak of Gandhamadana. Karna, however, with his shafts, cut off that elephant held by Bhima. The son of Pandu, thereupon, hurled at Karna the fragments of that elephant's body as also car-wheels and steeds. In fact, all objects that he saw lying there on the field, the son of Pandu, excited with rage, took up and hurled at Karna. Karna, however, with his sharp arrows, cut off every one of those objects thus thrown at him. The Suta's son, however, with his sharp shafts, repeatedly caused the distressed Bhima, to lose the sense. But Karna, recollecting the words of Kunti, took not the life of the unarmed Bhima.

##‪Here‬, See Karna vanquished Bhima & Spared the life of Bhima following the promised given to Kunti. Also bhima refrained (avoided) to attack on Karna further in fear that he'll lose his life.


》》 2nd Defeat of Bhima by Karna


Then Dhristadyumna pierced Karna with ten arrows, and the sons of Draupadi pierced him with three and seventy, and Yuyudhana with seven. And ‪BHIMASEN‬ pierced him with four and sixty arrows, and Sahadeva with seven. And Nakula pierced him with thirty arrows, and Satanika with seven. And the heroic Shikhandi pierced him with ten and king

Yudhishthira with a hundred. These and other foremost of men, O monarch, all inspired with desire of victory, began to grind that great bowman, viz., the Suta's son, in that dreadful battle. That chastiser of foes, viz., the Suta's son of great heroism, performing quick evolutions with his car, pierced every one of those warriors with ten arrows. We then, O king, witnessed the lightness of hand displayed by the high-souled Karna and the power of his weapons. Indeed, what we saw appeared to be highly wonderful. People could not notice when he took up his arrows, when he aimed them, and when he let them off. They only beheld his enemies dying fast in consequence of his wrath. The sky, the firmament, the Earth, and all the quarters seemed to be entirely shrouded with sharp arrows.

###Here, See frustrated Bhima attack on alone Karna along with 12 pandava maharathis (Drishtdyumn, 5 sons of draupadi, Yuyudhan(Satyaki), Bhima, Sahadev, Nakul, Satanika, Shikhandi, Yudhisthir )  but Karna alone vanquished all of them.


》》 3rd Defeat of Bhima by Karna


"'Beholding Karna thus slaughtering the Pancalas in that dreadful battle, King Yudhishthira the just rushed in wrath towards him; Dhrishtadyumna and the sons of Draupadi also, O sire, and hundreds of warriors, encompassed that slayer of foes viz., the son of Radha. And Shikhandi, and Sahadeva, and Nakula, and Nakula's son, and Sanamejaya, and ‪BHIMASENA‬ and the grandson of Sini(satyaki ), and innumerable Prabhadrakas, all endued with immeasurable energy, advancing with Dhrishtadyumna in their van, looked magnificent as they struck Karna with shafts and diverse weapons. Like Garuda falling upon a large number of snakes, the son of Adhiratha, ‪singlehanded‬, fell upon all those Cedis and Pancalas and Pandavas in that encounter. The battle that took place between them and Karna, O monarch, became exceedingly fierce like that which had occurred in days of old between the gods and the Danavas. Like the Sun dispelling the surrounding darkness, Karna fearlessly and ‪‎alone‬ encountered all those great bowmen united together and pouring upon him repeated showers of arrows.

###Here, See, again Karna was subjected to a group attack , but he defeated everyone badly alone, INCLUDING THE EXTREMELY OVERGLORIFIED BHIMA.

》》 4th Defeat of Bhima by Karna


Indeed, Nakula and Sahadeva and Dhrishtadyumna, the son of Prishata, surrounded by a full Akshauhini of troops, thus proceeded towards Yudhishthira. BHIMASENA also, in that battle, crushing the great car-warriors of thy army, proceeded towards the Karna surrounded by foes. Karna, otherwise called Vaikartana, O king, shooting dense showers of arrows, checked, ‪‎single‬-handed, all those mighty bowmen thus advancing (to the rescue). Though they shot dense showers of arrows and hurled innumerable lances, fighting with determination, yet they were unable even to look at the son of Radha. Indeed, the son of Radha, that master of all weapons offensive and defensive, by shooting dense showers of shafts checked all those great bowmen.

###Here, See Karna single-handedly defeated Bhima along with all pandava maharathi. Karna destroyed the pandava army totally. He could have easily killed all of them, but he didn't ---- That's why he is KARNA !!!


》》 5th Defeat of Bhima by Karna


Karna struck that mace with numerous shafts of beautiful wings, sped with great force, and once again with other shafts, Thus struck with Karna's shafts, the mace turned back towards Bhima, like a snake afflicted with incantations. With the rebound of that mace, the huge standard of BHIMA, broke and fell down. Struck with that same mace, Bhima's driver also became deprived of his senses. Then Bhima, mad with rage, sped eight shafts at Karna, and his standard and bow, and leathern fence, O Bharata. The mighty Bhimasena, that slayer of hostile heroes, with the greatest care, O Bharata, cut off, with those keen shafts, the standards, the bow, and the leathern fence of Karna. The latter then, viz., the son of Radha, taking up another invincible and gold-decked bow, shot a number of shafts, and quickly slew Bhima's steeds of the hue of bears, and then his two drivers. When his car was thus injured, Bhima, that chastiser of foes, quickly jumped into the car of Nakula like a lion jumping down upon a mountain summit.'

###Here, See Karna vanquished bhima & killed his 2 charioteers, steed n broke his chariot. Bhima took shelter on the chariot of Nakula. Here we also get to see an example of biased reporting of the war by Sanjaya. Bhima's chariot was destroyed, he fled and took shelter on Nakul's chariot,, still Sanjaya compares him to a lion. If he was lion, then Karna was a Dinosaur lol.



》》 Defeat of Bhima by Ashvatthama


the mighty son of Pandu filled with rage, and desirous of slaying the son of Drona, shot at him a terrible shower of fierce arrows. Then Drona's son that warrior acquainted with the highest weapons, quickly destroying that arrowy shower by the illusion of his own weapons, cut off Bhima's bow in that encounter. Filled with rage, he then pierced Bhima himself with innumerable shafts in that battle. Endued with great might, Bhima then, after his bow had been cut off, hurled a dart at Aswatthaman's car, having whirled it previously with great impetuosity. The son of Drona, displaying the lightness of his hand in that encounter, quickly cut off, by means of sharp shafts, that dart as it coursed towards him with the splendour of a blazing brand. Meanwhile, terrible Vrikodara, taking up a very strong bow, and smiling the while, began to pierce the son of Drona with many arrows. Then Drona's son, O monarch, with a straight shaft, pierced the forehead of Bhima's driver. The latter, deeply pierced by the mighty son of Drona, fell into a swoon, O king, abandoning the reins of the steeds. The driver of the Bhima's car having fallen into a swoon, the steeds, O king, began to fly away with great speed, in the very sight of all the bowmen. Beholding Bhima carried away from the field of battle by those running steeds, the unvanquished Aswatthaman joyfully blew his huge conch.


》》 Defeat of Bhima by Jayadrath


“ The mighty Jayadratha then, taking up another bow, strung it and felled Bhima’s standard and bow and steeds. O sire! His bow cut off, Bhimasena then jumping down from that excellent car whose steeds had been slain, mounted on the car of Satyaki, like a lion jumping to the top of a mountain.

###Here, See Bhima defeated by jayadratha and became car-less. And ran to the chariot of satyaki.


》》Defeat of Bhima By Prince Duryodhan


And Duryodhana, O king, as if smiling the while, with three other sharp arrows cut off at the grasp the resplendent bow of Bhima in that battle. Bhima then, that bull among men, beholding his charioteer Visoka afflicted, in that conflict, with sharp shafts by thy son armed with the bow, and unable to bear it, drew another excellent bow, excited with wrath, for the destruction of thy son, O monarch. And excited with great wrath, he also took up an arrow with horse-shoe head and furnished with excellent wings. And with that (arrow) Bhima cut off the excellent bow of the king. Then thy son, excited to the highest pitch of fury, leaving that broken bow aside, speedily took up another that was tougher. And aiming a terrible shaft blazing as Death's rod, the Kuru king, excited with rage struck Bhimasena between his two breasts. Deeply pierced therewith, and greatly pained, he sat down on the terrace of his car. And while seated on the terrace of  his car, he swooned away.

###Here, See Duryodhana made Bhima unconcious. Bhima swooned away by the attack of duryodhana. But still duryodhan did not break war rules, and didn't try to kill unconcious bheem


》》 Another Defeat of Bhima by Duryodhan


Having warded off that blow, thy son, that foremost one of Kuru's race, quickly struck Bhimasena with his weapon. In consequence of the large quantity of ‪‎blood‬ drawn by that blow, as also owing to the violence itself of the blow, Bhimasena of immeasurable energy seemed to be ‪‎stupefied‬. Duryodhana, however, knew not that the son of Pandu was so afflicted at that moment. Though deeply afflicted, Bhima sustained himself, summoning all his patience. Duryodhana, therefore, regarded him to be unmoved and ready to return the blow. It was for this that thy son did not then strike him again. Having rested for a little while, the valiant Bhimasena rushed furiously, O king, at Duryodhana who was standing near. Beholding Bhimasena of immeasurable energy filled with rage and rushing towards him, thy high-souled son, O bull of Bharata's race, desiring to baffle his blow, set his heart on the manoeuvre called Avasthana. He, therefore, desired to jump upwards, O monarch, for beguiling Vrikodara. Bhimasena fully understood the intentions of his adversary. Rushing, therefore, at him, with a loud leonine roar, he fiercely hurled his mace at the thighs of the Kuru king as the latter had jumped up for baffling the first aim.

###Here, See Duryodhana totally vanquished Bhima & about to kill him. But Bhima with fear of death struck Duryodhana on thigh which which was COMPLETELY against the rules of mace war.
Actually, Duryodhan was struck on the groin. But KMG censored it.




And that elephant with temporal juice trickling down urged by Bhagadatta, like the Destroyer, ran with double his former speed, shaking the very earth with his tread. Then all those mighty car-warriors, beholding that terrible mien of the animal, and regarding it irresistible, became cheerless. Then king Bhagadatta, that tiger among men, excited with rage, struck Bhimasena between his two breasts with a straight shaft. Deeply pierced by the king with that shaft, that great bowman and mighty car-warrior, with limbs deprived of ‪‎sensation‬ in consequence of a ‪swoon‬, sat down on his car, holding his flagstaff. And beholding those mighty car-warriors terrified and Bhimasena in a swoon, Bhagadatta of great prowess uttered a loud roar.

###Here, See Bhagdatta defeated Bhima. Bhima swooned sway. But still, no one from Kaurava side break any rule of war to strike Bhima while he was unconscious.


》》 Defeat of Bhima by ALAYUDH


Then with some shafts resembling snakes of virulent poison and sped from his bow drawn to its fullest stretch, the valiant prince of the Rakshasas cut off Bhima's bow. The mighty cannibal next, in the very sight of Bhima, O Bharata, slew the latter's steeds and driver with some whetted shafts. Steedless and driverless, Bhima, descending from the terrace of his car,

###Here, See Alayudh totally made Bhima weaponless, Chariotless. As he was going to kill Bhima, Ghattotkacha rescues him.
- Then Krishna send Ghatatkoch to save bhima from Alyudha:

(Krishna said to Ghatotkacha)
"Behold, O mighty-armed one, Bhima is violently assailed(Injured) by the Rakshasa in battle, in the very sight of all the troops and of thyself, O thou of great splendour! Abandoning Karna for the present, quickly slay Alayudha, O mighty armed one!

###Here, See Lord Krishna himself ordered Ghatatkoch to save Bhima from certain death by Alayudh. Ghatatkoch followed the order & fought with Alayudh. Later Ghatotkacha resumed his fight with Karna, in which Karna killed him.


》》Defeat of Bhima by Vrishasen


The steedless son of Madri, thus afflicted by Karna's son, sprang upon Bhima's car like a lion springing upon a mountain summit, in the ‪‎sight‬ of Dhananjaya. The high-souled and heroic Vrishasena then, filled with wrath, poured his arrowy showers upon those two mighty car-warriors for piercing those two sons of Pandu( Nakula & Bhima). After the ‪‎destruction‬ of that car belonging to the son of Pandu (Nakula), and after his sword also had been speedily cut off with (Vrishasena's) shafts;

###Here, See Vrishasen(Karna's son) made Nakula chariotless. then he took shelter on Bhima's chariot.  Vrishasen again destroyed Bhima's chariot & vanquished Bhima & Nakula.

- Bcoz of fear of vrishsen, Bhima requested Arjuna to save them from the terror of Vrishasen. [ People say Bhim was amazingly mighty. But here, he is no match for even Karna's 16 year old son! ]

( Bhima requested to Arjuna)
The son of the Wind-god(bhima) then, addressing Phalguna, said, "Behold, Nakula here is being afflicted. The son of Karna is resisting us. Proceed, therefore, against Karna's son." Hearing these words, the diadem-decked (Arjuna) approached the car of his brother Vrikodara. Beholding that hero arrived near, Nakula addressed him, saying, "Do thou speedily slay this one."

###Here, See when bhima couldn't defeat Vrishasen, he requested Arjuna to save them from the terror of Vrishasen. and Nakul cowardly said, quickly slay this one! But then also, first shot of arjun made to vrishasen was from VRISHASEN'S BACK ! what a coward!


》》Defeat of the mighty Bhima having the strength of 1000 elephants by a single, ordinary elephant(SUPRATIKA) !! LOL

Supratika then, seizing Bhima by its trunk, threw him down by means of its knees. Indeed, having seized him by the neck, that elephant wished to slay him. Twisting the elephant's trunk, Bhima freed himself from its twine, and once more got under the body of that huge creature. And he waited there, expecting the arrival of a hostile elephant of his own army. Coming out from under the beast's body, Bhima then ran away with great speed.

###Here, See Hahahaaa...LOL...  Bhima ran away from single ordinary elephant.




  1. In the battle with bow, Bhima appeared almost equal to Karna. Bhima succeeded in making Karna lose his sense, cutting off his arrow and his bow. Archery was not, of course, the field of Bhima. On the contrary, there is no instance in the Mahabharata of Karna's fighting against Bhima with his own weapon i.e. Mace and putting him to trouble. How then is Karna the greatest warrior of all time ?

    1. Yes there is,Karna fought with bhima with mace once,but did not kill him coz of the promise he made to kunti.And also Parshurama declared Karna as equal to himself in arcery and other methods of warfare.

    2. Point to be noted - Bhima fought with karna with all his might and anger,but Karna did not

    3. karna did not fight with his full might against bhima because of his promise to kunti and he had to be careful that he did not kill bhima.

    4. Pl. mention relevant Book No. and Chapter of K.M. Ganguly's translated Mahabharata or any other authentic version of the epic where I can find the account of the battle of Mace between Karna and Bhima

  2. Bhima was equal to 8 rathis, karna was equal to 2 maharathis, so there is no match between the 2. Bhima survived because karna allowed him to live due to his promise to kunti. So karna was in-effect no fighting with full potential with Bhima who is actually a nobody whose fighting prowress was exageratted by Pandu fan writers. He was also no match for duryodhana who was also equal to 8 rathis. If bhima was alomost equal to karna, why was he not mentioned as a able archer. Y did he lose to karna's son who was clearly not in the same league as Arjuna or Karna. If Bh9ima cut of karna's bow , then either karna did not fight seriously with him or it is exaggerated to show bhima's prowess. The fact is Abhimanyu got trapped in the chukravyuha due to Bhima's overconfidence on his ability to take on Jayadratha, where he failed miserably, leaving Abhimanyu trapped inside.

    1. What is the difference between a 'rathi' and a 'maharathi' ?

    2. Rathi could fight 5000 warriors simultaneously.Atirathi could fight 60000 warriors simultaneously. Mahaharathi could fight 12 Atirathis or 720000 warriors simultaneously.

  3. You forgot this point Karna dragged bhima like a gali ka kutta

    Dhritharashtra discusses with sanjay When I heard that Karna
    even though he had got Bhima #within_his_power allowed him
    to ESCAPE after only addressing him in contemptuous terms and
    #dragging_him_with_the_end_of_his _bow, then, O Sanjaya
    Duryodhan further confirms .
    The mighty Bhimasena also, #moved_hither_and_thither_by #the_horn_of_Karna's_bow, was, O king, addressed in very harsh
    words such as 'Fool' and 'Glutton.'

  4. Where in the Mahabharatha you have found this event that Karna dragged Bhima badly when the latter had the strength of 1000 elephant ? Pl. cite the relevant Chapter and Book No. of K.M. Ganguly's Mahabharata or any other authentic version of the epic.

  5. Below is the quote from adi parva KMG VYASAWhen I heard that Karna
    even though he had got Bhima
    #within_his_power allowed him
    to ESCAPE after only addressing
    him in contemptuous terms and
    #dragging_him_with_the_end_of_his _bow, then,
    O Sanjaya, I had no
    hope of success

  6. Its in ADI PARVA SECTION I KMG vyasa sacred texts.

  7. karna parva section 59 all pandavas defeated.
    Sanjaya said, 'Then the Kurus and the Srinjayas once more fearlessly encountered each other in battle, the Parthas being headed by Yudhishthira, and ourselves headed by the Suta's son. Then commenced a terrible battle, making the hair to stand on end, between Karna and the Pandavas, that increased the population of Yama's kingdom. After that furious battle, producing rivers of blood, had commenced, and when a remnant only of the brave samsaptakas, O Bharata, were left unslaughtered, Dhrishtadyumna, O monarch, with all the kings (on the Pandava side) and those mighty car-warriors--the Pandavas themselves, all rushed against Karna only. Like the mountain receiving a vast body of water, Karna, unaided by anyone, received in that battle all those advancing warriors filled with joy and longing for victory. Those mighty car-warriors encountering Karna, were beat off and broken like a mass of water, and beat back on all sides when it encounters a mountain. Some bhima -arjuna fans argue pandavas could only mean yudhi nakula sahadeva. But the phrase is pandavas themselves. Hence it includes all pandavas bhima and arjuna also

  8. Some grammar classes for the karna hate club
    from dictionary
    themselves pronoun
    uk ​ /ðəmˈselvz/ us ​ /ðəmˈselvz/

    A2 used when the subject of the verb is "they" or a group of people, and the object is the same group of people:
    They asked themselves where they had gone wrong.
    Above Karna parva section 59 states pandavas themselves. hence all pandavas included bhima - arjuna got their defeated

  9. I think the author missed out in this one
    Karna Parv, Section-78

    Indeed, Shikhandi, and Bhima, and Dhrishtadyumna, the son of Prishata, and Nakula, and Sahadeva, and the (five) sons of Draupadi, and Satyaki, surrounded the son of Radha, pouring showers of arrows upon him, from desire of despatching him to the other world. The heroic Satyaki, that best of men, struck Karna in that engagement with twenty keen shafts in the shoulder-joint. Shikhandi struck him with five and twenty shafts, and Dhrishtadyumna struck him with seven, and the sons of Draupadi with four and sixty, and Sahadeva with seven, and Nakula with a hundred, in that battle. The mighty Bhimasena, in that encounter, filled with rage, struck the son of Radha in the shoulder-joint with ninety straight shafts. The son of Adhiratha, then, of great might laughing in scorn, and drawing his excellent bow let off many keen shafts, afflicting his foes. The son of Radha pierced each of them in return with five arrows. Cutting off the bow of Satyaki, as also his standard, O bull of Bharata's race, Karna pierced Satyaki himself with nine shafts in the centre of the chest. Filled with wrath, he then pierced Bhimasena with thirty shafts. With a broad-headed arrow, O sire, he next cut off the standard of Sahadeva, and with three other arrows, that chastiser of foes afflicted Sahadeva's driver. Within the twinkling of an eye he then deprived the (five) sons of Draupadi of their cars, O bull of Bharata's race, which seemed exceedingly wonderful. Indeed, with his straight shafts casting those heroes to turn back from the fight,
    Above all the warriors including bhimaturned back from the fight. Their name Shikhandi, and Bhima( count dracula), and Dhrishtadyumna, the son of Prishata, and Nakula, and Sahadeva, and the (five) sons of Draupadi, and Satyaki, All of them turned back

  10. 5 by the author ( I respect him he did a fantastic job in bringing out the truth ) and my own humble aditions. bhima dragged by karna. Karna parva section 59 and karna parva section 78. HENCE IN ALL BHIMA WAS DEFEATED 8 TIMES BY KARNA AND ALSO GOT HIS LIFE SPARED BY KARNA. BORI CONFIRMS ITS KARNA AND ONLY KARNA WHO SPARES BHIMA. Bhima did not spare karna. Hence Karna > Bhima no doubt about it. And bulk of thoose defeats were when bhima was in group ie getting support of other warriors vs Karna alone. Not one to one basis. So even bhima + other warrior vs Karna still Karna greater. Is se zaada proof aur kya maanga.

  11. karna even saved that sant asaram bapu like guru drona a man without integrity who refused to give him brahma astra and was biased to arjuna. Below is kmg passages Below is passage from KMG which shows karna rescuing drona.

    Then the prince of the Panchalas [Dhristayadumna), O king, quickly pierced Drona in the chest with five arrows and uttered a leonine roar. Drona, however, O Bharata, piercing his foe in return with five and twenty arrows in that battle, cut off, with another broad-headed arrow, his (Dhristayadumna's) bright bow. Forcibly pierced by Drona, O bull of Bharata's race, Dhrishtadyumna, quickly casting aside his bow, bit his (nether) lip in rage. Indeed, O monarch, the valiant Dhrishtadyumna, excited with wrath, took up another formidable bow for accomplishing the destruction of Drona. That slayer of hostile heroes, that warrior endued with great beauty, stretching that formidable bow to his ear, shot a terrible shaft capable of taking Drona's life. That shaft, thus sped by the mighty prince in that fierce and dreadful battle, illumined the whole army like the risen sun. Beholding that terrible shaft, the gods, the Gandharvas, and the Danavas. said these words, O king, viz., 'Prosperity to DRONA !' Karna, however, O king, displaying great lightness of hand cut off into dozen fragments that shaft as it coursed towards the preceptor's car. Thus cut off into many fragments, O king, that shaft of Dhrishtadyumna, O sire, quickly fell down on the earth like a snake without poison. Having cut off with his own straight shafts those of Dhrishtadyumna in that battle, Karna then pierced Dhrishtadyumna himself with many sharp arrows.

  12. This message of mine is directly to the owner of this superb blog. There are many karna haters who swear by KMG and BORI but till date no body has the authentic mahabharata of vyasa ie which is Jaya.

    Kishori Mohan Ganguly or KMG’s translation of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyas’ Mahabharat (published in 1884) is hailed by many as it is the first English translation of the epic. Its importance is enhanced as it is available in public domain and is readily accessible for free. During translation, KMG had collated only 2 versions: the Bombay Edition (Neelkanth’s commentary) and the Burdwan Edition, out of thousands of manuscripts, which he has mentioned in his Preface. Please note, it is a translation, not a researched edition of all manuscripts. It is undoubtedly a treasure trove, and certainly one of the sources which every Mahabharat researcher consults, but one should not think that is the ultimate. Because it is not.
    BORI’s Critical Edition has involved more scholars and time in its making, and it is much more systematically researched(compared to the other works you mentioned) by a joint effort of various scholars, who have collated almost all the manuscripts and versions of Mahabharat, that are available on the planet, over a long period of time. Now does that mean BORI’s Critical Edition is same as Original Vyas’ epic? Is it absolutely perfect and accurate? Ofcourse NOT.Please note, that the BORI’s Critical Edition is the first attempt at getting closer to Vyas’ epic. Not Vyas’ epic itself. Though, it has successfully removed various interpolations, there are many incidents still, which need to be removed. For example, Draupadi’s Vastraharan has been accepted by many scholars as a later addition. Draupadi was dragged and abused —- which is part of the original narrative, but the part where she disrobed is most probably later addition.In their book Annal of BORI, the scholars have listed those interpolations which they did not remove from the Critical Edition (like Draupadi’s Vastraharan). They have provided reasons and also left scope open for more research by the future generations. Whats obvious is KMG did some mailmerge of some north south versions and neelkanthas commentry which also explains some where karna succeeding in lifting the bow and draupadi rejecting him and some where his name mentioned among thoose who failed. Some sons of his dying by some warrior same son dying in another section at the hands of another warrior. BORI also cant be sworn upon. it has just done an in pin safety pin in pin out retained whats popular booted away whats not. This makes BORI a democratic mahabharata not an authentic one.

  13. I think the author should make a another blog titled exposing the Rajsuya yagna where bhima had defeated karna. This Rajsuya Yagna was just a family function or a kitty party. So forget karna no body was conquered by bhima or any one else. "Rajsuya is a shrautyajna, and is mentioned in the vedic samhita and the Brahmanam, in detail. The verses that are used in this Yajna are found in the various branches of Yajurveda. There are two connected Yajnas, the Vaajpeya and the Rajsuya. While the former is for the Brahmins as well as the kshatriya, the latter is only for the Kshatriya kings. Hence Madhyandin Yajurveda has verses 9.1–34 for the Vaajpeya Yajna, while the later verses from 9.35 onward to the end of chapter 10 are for Rajsuya Yajna, and these give the details of the various small and large rituals, the appeasement of Gods and other ancillaries of the Rajsuya Yajna. The verses 10.11–14 ask for the performer of the Yajna to move into the south, north, western and the above atmosphere, but there is no mention of the armies, or the horse to move in order to win the world, as it is said to be in the case of Ashwamedha Yajna.
    Hence, the procedure of the Yajna has been much altered by the epics like Mahabharata and various puranas, to suit their own purpose, and the same is not found in the Samhita or the Brahmanam.

  14. I'm guessing you're moms a cunt.

    1. keechad pe patthar to main bhi maar sakta hoon. Lekin cheetain mere hi kapdo pe girenge. tks for your abuse. This prooves my posts were correct.

  15. Look how badly karna was beaten by bhima 18 times and spared his life atleast 4 times

    fflicted with arrows and his bow cut off, Karna, though proud of his manliness, felt great pain and proceeded to another car.'"

    Abandoning that steedless and driverless and standardless car, Karna. O Bharata, cheerlessly stood on the earth, drawing his bow”

    That son of Pandu who vanquished Karna in battle like Purandara vanquishing an Asura, is capable of being vanquished by anybody in fight”

    "Sanjaya said, 'Then the carless Karna, thus once more completely defeated by Bhima

    “The valiant Bhimasena then, having vanquished Karna in battle, uttered a loud shout deep as the roar of the clouds. Hearing that roar, O Bharata, Yudhishthira became highly gratified, knowing that Karna had been vanquished by Bhimasena”

  16. (Seeing karna’s life is in danger duryodhana sent 21 of his brothers to save karna's life but they all died one by one in front of karna)

    Bhima sparing karna's life

    ‘Bhima also, raising his fierce fists that were endued with the force of the thunder, desired to slay the Suta's son. Soon, however, he recollected Arjuna's vow. The son of Pandu, therefore, though competent, spared the life of Karna, from desire of not falsifying the vow that Savyasachin had made’

    (When bhima asked for wresling out of fear karna fled away from battlefield)

    'Karna quickly fled away from Bhima on his great car. Bhimasena also, O bull among men, mounting upon Satyaki's car, proceeded in that battle'

    (17th day bhima defeated karna twice made him unconsciousness spared his life!!)

    the Suta's son, that commander (of thy forces), sat down senseless on the terrace of his car. The ruler of the Madras then, beholding the Suta's son deprived of his senses, bore that ornament of battle away on his car, from that fight.

    That shaft, cutting through Karna's armour and piercing through his body, passed out and entered the Earth like a snake into ant-hill. In consequence of the violence of that stroke, Karna felt great pain and became exceedingly agitated.

    Karna Parva: Section 51

    Karna Parva: Section 50

  17. Bhima sparing karnas life is an interpolation. BORI makes it clear karna and only karna spared bhima. Vedic evidence and satvik puraan confirms there is NO CONQUERING DONE AT RAJSUYA YAGNA. Hence bhima conquering karna is also crap. Karna spared bhimas life hence karna > Bhima

  18. The ultimate truth is this - If not for Lord Krishna being on the side of Pandavas, THEY COULD CERTAINLY NOT HAVE WON! Logistics and battle supremacy really favored the Kauravas but the Lord was the only one who could nullify that effect in favor of Pandavas!