Monday, 20 October 2014

Website Description.

This Website PROVES Karna's superiority over Arjuna.

I've met many ignorant people in my life who humiliate and insult Karna. They call Karna adharmi (unrighteous), weak and the guy who boasts a lot, but achieved little. These stupid species of people is called "Arjuna fans" aka "Karna haters". This Website is made to clear away ALL the misconceptions and to make people aware of some unknown facts. 

Clearing away the Misconceptions and some great facts :-

1) Misconception- Arjun could break the divine armour of Karna ( Joke of the Millennium )

2) Misconception - Karna lost in DRUPAD WAR.

3) Misconceptions About the Over Glorified Virat War

4) Karna Vs Arjuna - Final Encounter (Only fair war when karna & arjuna fought on equal footing. This article SHOWS why Karna is regarded SUPERIOR to Arjuna )

5) List of the ADHARMS of Pandavs. ( This post PROVES who were real adharmis and kaptis )

6) Karna's Superiority over Arjuna in Rangbhoomi Competition.

7) Digvijay Of Karna ( Karna conquers WHOLE EARTH)

8) Arjun defeated by Ashvatthama

9) Misconceptions regarding the Gandharwa War.

10) Opinions of all the great warriors of Mahabharat on Karna. ( Caution: For Arjun fans, this post is highly dangerous, as it might make you bath in your own tears)

11) Arjuna's Chariot blasted and reduced to ashes!

12) What happened to Karna on 11 - 14 days of war? Ever Wondered?

13) Vrishasen - The Valiant Son of Karna

14) Lord Krishna's Confession about the strength of Karna


1) Exposing over glorified Abhimanyu who was a loser in the first 12 days of war.

2) Exposing Over glorified Bhima ( The second pandava ). [ He was believed to be the strongest person of that time in physical might. LOL ]

3) Exposing fake warrior Satyaki

4) Exposing the biggest failure of all times ( even worse than Arjuna ) --> GHATOTKACHA