Arjuna's Chariot blasted and reduced to ashes!

See yourself what happened to Arjuna's chariot when Krishna stepped off it.

● According To Most Authentic KMG Translation:



" Arrived at the pavilion of the Kuru
king, the Pandavas, those foremost
of car-warriors, O monarch,
dismounted from their cars. At
that time, always engaged, O bull
of Bharata's race, in the good of
his friend, Keshava, addressed the
wielder of gandiva, saying, "Take
down thy gandiva as also the two
inexhaustible quivers. I shall
dismount after thee
, O best of the
Bharatas! Get thee down, for this
is for thy good
, O sinless one!"
Pandu's brave son Dhananjaya
did as he was directed. The
intelligent Krishna, abandoning
the reins of the steeds, then
dismounted from the car of
Dhananjaya. After the high-souled
Lord of all creatures had
dismounted from that car, the
celestial Ape(Hanuman) that topped the
mantle of Arjuna's vehicle,
disappeared there and then. The
top of the vehicle, which had
before been burnt by Drona and
‬ with their celestial
weapons, quickly blazed forth to

● According To M.V.Subramanyam Translation:
(this is considered second most authentic translation , next to KMG)


“Arjuna!Take your Gandiva and Tooneera and get down the chariot. Then I will get down.” said Krishna.
Accordingly Arjuna got down the chariot. Krishna kept the reigns on the chariot and got down. Anjaneya(Hanuman) along with his band of demons, had flown away from the top of the chariot. Immediately, that chariot was reduced to ashes. Arjuna was astonished.
“Krishna! what is this! Why my chariot is burnt? Kindly tell me” asked Arjuna.
“Arjuna! you have so far been thinking that you won the battle out of your own prowess, vigour and valour. It is not correct. Your chariot had already been burnt away with the power of all Astras and Sastras launched by Karna. As I am driving your chaiot and Anjaneya was viewing the battle from the top of the chariot, your chariot is in tact. Otherwise, it would have been burnt away long back.” said Krishna.



Now, The result is as clear as water

Karna >> Arjuna


  1. lol arjun's fans have no legitimate answers

  2. lol arjun's fans have no legitimate answers

  3. Some lying karna haters say that how can this be proof of karnas superiority after all many chariots got destroyed. These loosers dont realise that both the chariot and arjuna were saved by krishna. Below proof. Beholding the vehicle thus reduced to ashes, O lord, the sons of Pandu became filled with wonder, and Arjuna, O king, having saluted Krishna and bowed unto him, said these words, with joined hands and in an affectionate voice, 'O Govinda, O divine one, for what reason hath this car been consumed by fire? What is this highly wonderful incident that has happened before our eyes! O thou of mighty arms, if thou thinkest that I can listen to it without harm, then tell me everything.'

    Vasudeva said, 'That car, O Arjuna, had before been consumed by diverse kinds of weapons. It was because I had sat upon it during battle that it did not fall into pieces, O scorcher of foes! Previously consumed by the energy of brahmastra, it has been reduced to ashes upon my abandoning it after attainment by thee of thy objects!'

    Then, with a little pride, that slayer of foes, the divine Keshava, embracing king Yudhishthira, said unto him, 'By good luck, thou hast won the victory, O son of Kunti! By good luck, thy foes have been vanquished! By good luck, the wielder of gandiva, Bhimasena the son of Pandu, thyself, O king, and the two sons of Madri have escaped with life from this battle so destructive of heroes, and have escaped after having slain all your foes! Quickly do that, O Bharata, which should now be done by thee!

    After I had arrived at Upaplavya, thyself, approaching me, with the wielder of gandiva in thy company, gavest me honey and the customary ingredients, and saidst these words, O Lord: 'This Dhananjaya, O Krishna, is thy brother and friend! He should, therefore, be protected by thee in all dangers!' After thou didst say these words, I answered thee, saying, 'So be it!'

    That Savyasaci hath been protected by me. Victory also hath been thine, O king! end quote. Arjuna didnt even see these astras coming. He would have been destroyed countless times.

  4. some dimwitted Arjuna fans have come up with another theory. This chariot burning took place on battle day 17. Where as ashwatthama saved karna from arjuna on battle day 14. If not for that karna would have died hence this incident only is irrelevant. They dont realise that its not only astras its the warriors hesitance to use these astras because they have to be used sparingly is also one criteria. Karnas Ramgadhwaali mausi hadnt prevented him from using these astras on earlier ocassions. Had he used it at virata yudha it would have been RIP Arjuna. Karna was a responsible warrior hence didnt use these weapons earlier.

  5. Some Karna hating clowns also claim karna was armed when arjuna killed him. these ignorant debators do not know that there is no such thing as an unarmed maharathi. Aswhatthama used a greass blade as brahma weapon, arjuna himself used torch to face gandharva chitarath. Karna died because of the fact that when he fired astras on Arjuna Krishna and the celestial ape protected Arjuna where as Karna didnt even have human support of Shalya leave alone divine help. Arjuna is the Katrina Kaif of Mahabharata. Just as she is nothing without Salman he is nothing without krishna.

  6. This message of mine is directly to the owner of this superb blog. There are many karna haters who swear by KMG and BORI but till date no body has the authentic mahabharata of vyasa ie which is Jaya.

    Kishori Mohan Ganguly or KMG’s translation of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyas’ Mahabharat (published in 1884) is hailed by many as it is the first English translation of the epic. Its importance is enhanced as it is available in public domain and is readily accessible for free. During translation, KMG had collated only 2 versions: the Bombay Edition (Neelkanth’s commentary) and the Burdwan Edition, out of thousands of manuscripts, which he has mentioned in his Preface. Please note, it is a translation, not a researched edition of all manuscripts. It is undoubtedly a treasure trove, and certainly one of the sources which every Mahabharat researcher consults, but one should not think that is the ultimate. Because it is not.
    BORI’s Critical Edition has involved more scholars and time in its making, and it is much more systematically researched(compared to the other works you mentioned) by a joint effort of various scholars, who have collated almost all the manuscripts and versions of Mahabharat, that are available on the planet, over a long period of time. Now does that mean BORI’s Critical Edition is same as Original Vyas’ epic? Is it absolutely perfect and accurate? Ofcourse NOT.Please note, that the BORI’s Critical Edition is the first attempt at getting closer to Vyas’ epic. Not Vyas’ epic itself. Though, it has successfully removed various interpolations, there are many incidents still, which need to be removed. For example, Draupadi’s Vastraharan has been accepted by many scholars as a later addition. Draupadi was dragged and abused —- which is part of the original narrative, but the part where she disrobed is most probably later addition.In their book Annal of BORI, the scholars have listed those interpolations which they did not remove from the Critical Edition (like Draupadi’s Vastraharan). They have provided reasons and also left scope open for more research by the future generations. Whats obvious is KMG did some mailmerge of some north south versions and neelkanthas commentry which also explains some where karna succeeding in lifting the bow and draupadi rejecting him and some where his name mentioned among thoose who failed. Some sons of his dying by some warrior same son dying in another section at the hands of another warrior. BORI also cant be sworn upon. it has just done an in pin safety pin in pin out retained whats popular booted away whats not. This makes BORI a democratic mahabharata not an authentic one.

  7. Some intelligent Arjuna fans challange this incident as interpolation claiming that there is no record of arjuna not contering any brahmaweapon of karna hence this is interpolation.
    Below is proof its actually name of drona that is fake. it was because of karna and only karna that arjuna and his chariot had to be saved The immensely intelligent Drona invoked brahmastra. It scorched Partha and all the invisible beings. The earth, with all its mountains and trees, began to tremble. Turbulent winds began to blow and the oceans were agitated. When the great-souled one invoked that weapon, there was terror among the Kuru and Pandava soldiers and all the beings and a great uproar arose. O Indra among kings! However, Partha was not frightened. He countered that weapon with his own brahmastra and everything became peaceful again.

    [Here Drona invoked terrible Brahmastra, but Arjuna countered it]

    * Karna vs Arjuna :
    Karna parva - Chapter 63

    Using his strength, he invoked brahmastra. On seeing this, Arjuna invoked mantras and released aindrastra. Dhananjaya also invoked mantras on the bowstring of Gandiva and the arrows. He released showers of arrows, like Purandara pouring down rain. Those energetic arrows issued from the immensely valorous Partha’s chariot and were about to destroy Karna’s chariot. However, when they arrived in front of him, maharatha Karna repulsed all of them. When that weapon was destroyed, the brave one from the Vrishni lineage said, ‘O Partha! Radheya is destroying your arrows. Release supreme weapons.’

    Using mantras, Arjuna released brahmastra. With those radiant arrows, Arjuna shrouded Karna. But Karna used extremely energetic arrows to angrily sever his bowstring. Fixing another bowstring, Pandava enveloped Karna with thousands of fiery arrows. In that battle, when Karna severed his bowstring, he fixed another one so quickly that no one could make this out. It was wonderful. Using his weapons, Radheya countered all of Savyasachi’s weapons. At that time, his valour seemed to be greater than that of Partha. Krishna saw that Arjuna was afflicted because of Karna’s weapons.

    [Here Karna shot mighty Brahmastra, Arjuna invoked Aindrasta which might have fallen on the chariot of Karna, but Karna shot his arrows in such a way that it destroyed arrows of Arjuna. So it is clear that it was Brahmastra of only Karna which resulted in to the chariot blast as NO RECORD OF ARJUNA COUNTERING KARNAS BRAHMASTRA. HENCE THIS PROOVES ONLY KARNAS BRAHMASTRA HAD DESTROYED ARJUNAS CHARIOT AND BOTH ARJUNA AND HIS CHARIOT WERE PROTECTED FROM KARNA AND ONLY KARNA . It was not only krishna but celestial ape also who did protecting so arjuna not being on chariot at stages of war is irrelevant.

  8. Niraj Sharma And good old arjuna admitting Arjunas confession.

    yad-dohsu ma pranihitam guru-bhisma-karna-
    astrany amogha-mahimani nirupitani
    nopasprsur nrhari-dasam ivasurani

    Great generals like Bhisma, Drona, Karna, Bhurisrava, Susarma, Salya, Jayadratha, and Bahlika all directed their invincible weapons against me. But by His [Lord Krsna's] grace they could not even touch a hair on my head. Similarly, Prahlada Maharaja, the supreme devotee of Lord Nrsimhadeva, was unaffected by the weapons the demons used against him.


  9. Some people say That Ashwatthama to saved karna from arjuna lets anaylize

    1st Fake rescue - Indeed, having made Bhima carless, Karna, O king, reproved him in such boastful language in the sight of that lion among the Vrishnis (viz., Krishna) and of the high-souled Partha. Then the ape-bannered (Arjuna), urged by Kesava, shot at the Suta's son, O king, many shafts whetted on stone. Those arrows adorned with gold, shot by Partha's arms and issuing out of Gandiva, entered Karna's body, like cranes into the Krauncha mountains. With those arrows shot from Gandiva which entered Karna's body like so many snakes, Dhananjaya drove the Suta's son from Bhimasena's vicinity. His bow cut off by Bhima, and himself afflicted with the arrows of Dhananjaya, Karna quickly fled away from Bhima on his great car. Then Dhananjaya, with eyes red in wrath, aiming at Karna, quickly sped a shaft like the Destroyer urging forward Death's self. That shaft shot from Gandiva, like Garuda in the welkin in quest of a mighty snake, quickly coursed towards Karna. The son of Drona, however, that mighty car-warrior, with a winged arrow of his, cut it off in mid-air, desirous of rescuing Karna from fear of Dhananjaya.

    Actual Scene it was a surprise attack from Arjuna an expert in interfering between 2 warriors. Already karna was talking to bhima and suddenly arjuna attacked and injured him with arrows. And if the previous arrows didnt kill Karna this also probably would have wounded him further. Ashwathama just did a deviation so that he can now stop arjuna from reaching jayadratha as karna was already tired after sparing bhima and already injured unfairly by Arjuna

  10. Second fake rescue
    Then Satwata, O sire, pierced Karna with three arrows. And Bhimasena pierced him with three arrows, and Partha himself, once more, with seven. The mighty car-warrior, Karna, then pierced each of those three warriors with sixty arrows. And thus, O king, raged that battle between Karna alone (on one side) and the many (on the other). The prowess, O sire, that we then beheld of the Suta's son was wonderful in the extreme, since, excited with wrath in battle, he singly resisted those three great car-warriors. Then the mighty-armed Phalguna, in that battle, pierced Karna, the son of Vikartana, in all his limbs with a hundred arrows. All his limbs bathed in blood, the Suta's son of great prowess and bravery, pierced Phalguna in return with fifty arrows. Beholding that lightness of hand displayed by him in battle, Arjuna brooked it not. Cutting off his bow, that hero, viz., Dhananjaya, the son of Pritha, quickly pierced Karna in the centre of the chest with nine arrows, Then Dhananjaya, with great speed at a time, when speed was necessary shot in that battle a shaft of solar effulgence for the destruction of Karna. Drona's son, however, with a crescent-shaped arrow, cut off that shaft as it coursed impetuously (towards Karna). Thus cut off by
    [paragraph continues] Aswatthaman, that shaft fell down on the earth.

    Actual Scene IT WAS NOT AS IF ONE ON ONE BASIS ARJUNA HAD INCONVENIENCED KARNA. KARNA was already attacked by Satvata Bhima and Arjuna 3 against one. Infact the narrative says karna on one side and many on the other. In that battle Ashwatthama say that many or atleast 3 of them are attacking karna alone and intervened.

  11. Third Fake Rescue
    Meanwhile, O monarch, beholding the prowess of Karna, Arjuna, of white steeds, with four shafts shot from the bow-string drawn to the ear, despatched the four steeds of Karna to Yama's domain. And he also felled with a broad-headed arrow, Karna's charioteer from his niche in the car. And he covered Karna himself with clouds of shafts in the very sight of thy son. Thus shrouded with arrows the steedless and driverless Karna, stupefied by that arrowy shower, knew not what to do. Beholding him made carless, Aswatthaman, O king, caused him to ride on his car, and continued to fight with Arjuna.

    Actual scene - Even suggesting that Ashwatthama rescued karna is hilarious considering that in only karnas horses and charioteer were killed. In shalya parvas section 62 Arjunas complete chariot was burnt off and Arjuna had not even seen those divyastras coming and further more bhima after getting his chariot etc broken jumped into nakulas chariot like a roaring lion.

  12. Neither km ganguly nor bori have access to original mahabharata. Below are conessions.
    " What is constituted text It is best to state at first what the
    constituted text is not. the editor is firmly convinced that the text presented
    in this edition is not anything like the autograph copy of the work of its
    mythical author Maharshi vyasa. It is not in any sense re construction of the
    UR Mahabharata or of UR Bharata, that ideal but impossible desideratum. it is
    not an exact replica of the poem recited by Vaisampayana before janamjeya"

    K. M Gangulys confessions
    I cannot lay claim to infallibility. There are verses in the Mahabharata that are exceedingly difficult to construe. I have derived much aid from the great commentator Nilakantha. I know that Nilakantha's authority is not incapable of being challenged. But when it is remembered that the interpretations given by Nilakantha came down to him from preceptors of olden days, one should think twice before rejecting Nilakantha as a guide.

    About the readings I have adopted, I should say that as regards the first half of the work, I have generally adhered to the Bengal texts; as regards the latter half, to the printed Bombay edition. Sometimes individual sections, as occurring in the Bengal editions, differ widely, in respect of the order of the verses, from the corresponding ones in the Bombay edition. In such cases I have adhered to the Bengal texts, convinced that the sequence of ideas has been better preserved in the Bengal editions than the Bombay one.

    He never had access to ved vyasas mahabarata. He just did some froggy jumping from bombay and bengali editions